make your next move a great one

By Mark Lowrey

13-07-2016 | Ok, so you’ve pored over the property marketing materials, gazed longingly at the glossy property photography and taken the virtual tour about a thousand times since your showings – your heart is set on the house. But how much do you really know about it?

The answer is you probably don’t know that much, other than the fact that you think you’d really love to live there. However, you shouldn’t let the emotional connection you may have formed with a home deter you from discovering as much as possibly about a property before you commit to buy.
Buyers who are serious about purchasing a home need to ask a couple of key questions before they enter seriously into the process of offering and negotiating – as the answers can save them money, and heartache down the line.

Why Are You Selling?
Posing this question face to face at a viewing can help you to determine whether the answer offered is the whole truth. Possible factors affecting their decision to sell could include:

• Poor Schooling

• Problem Neighbours

• Deteriorating Neighbourhood

While few agents will reveal these voluntarily in the property marketing process, if you sense reticence in their answer you can at least carry out further investigations.

Have the Vendors Found Somewhere to Go?
Don’t be shy of using this question to assess the seller’s actual situation. Sellers who have already fallen for an alternative property themselves may be keen to move as soon as possible and therefore more open to offers, while vendors who show no clear enthusiasm for their own house hunt may be testing the waters and liable to waste your time. The answer to this question can help buyers assess the lay of the land before making any offers.